Lumixyl™ Skin Brightening System

The Problem of Hyperpigmentation

The Lumixyl Skin Brightening System contains a patented peptide developed by researchers at Stanford University.

The Lumixyl Skin Brightening System contains a patented peptide developed by researchers at Stanford University.

Hyperpigmentation. Most people have some degree of it. Uneven skin tone with dark spots on the face and neck. Pigmentation lighteners and skin bleaches have been on the market for decades. They improve all the time. Lumixyl is the newest development in skin-friendly topically applied pigment blending.

What is the Lumixyl™ Skin Brightening System?

The Lumixyl Skin Brightening System contains a patented peptide developed by researchers at Stanford University. The 4-step daily regimen includes all the products you need for minimizing hyperpigmentation from Melasma or Sun Damage – without hydroquinone, steroids or retinols! Although hydroquinone is one of the most effective products for skin lightening and pigment suppression, some patients are simply too sensitive.

What makes Lumixyl different from other skin brightening systems?

Lumixyl™ is created for patients seeking more even skin-tone including those with:

  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Sun spots, age spots or liver spots
  • Photo damage
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by systemic disease or prescription drugs

And, it’s very affordable, doesn’t increase skin sensitivity and won’t lose potency after opening

Before Lumixyl.

Before Lumixyl.

After Lumixyl

After Lumixyl

Results without Risk

Repeat Insult Patch Tests confirm that, unlike alternative brightening products, Lumixyl™ does not elicit allergic reaction. Furthermore, Lumixyl™ is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Water-soluble
  • Easily Degraded by the skin
    • Safe for all skin types
    • Has no significant cytotoxic effect.

    How fast does Lumixyl work?

    The full Brightening System will produce initial results in about 4 weeks (the time it takes for the skin’s epidermis to replace itself.) At 8 weeks volunteers saw a 50% improvement.

    What’s Included in the Lumixyl Full Program?

    The Lumixyl™ Brightening System includes patented cleansing, exfoliant and protective technologies to accelerate the results achievable with the Lumixyl Cream and provide a full system for the management of unwanted discolouration. The Lumixyl Brightening System includes:

    • The Active Prep Cleanser: the most advanced antioxidant cleanser on the market, that works to disrupt the oxidative stress that can exacerbate the production of melanin
    • The GlycoPeel20: a concentration of 20% glycolic acid works to exfoliate the dark spots already on the surface of the skin and bring pigmented cells to the surface to expedite brightening overall
    • The Brightening Cream: the only product on the market to contain the proprietary Lumixyl™ peptide
    • Moisture Lock Sunscreen: a physical sunblock with micronized Titanium Dioxide that goes on clear and contains Symehelios 1031™ to help protect against the toxicity by UVB

    REAL Lumixyl and SilkPeel Results!

Physician Grade Skin Care Products

At Essence MediSpa we offer the Procyte line of skin care products. While these products typically do not cost more than over the counter products, the active ingredients in the lotions and creams are much stronger. The FDA allows only physicians to dispense Procyte products, and this is why the skin care products from dermatologists and plastic surgeons work better and faster than any you can buy at the store or salon. We have preparations that will lighten dark spots and make the skin clearer, softer, smoother, as well as products that rejuvenate areas around the eyes and protect against the sun. If you are not sure what you can put on your skin to make it look better, or simply would like a free consultation to help guide you in your skin care decisions, please call us at your earliest convenience. Jennifer Pena is an experienced and knowledgeable certified medical aesthetician, and she’ll be happy to discuss all the options available. Evening and weekend hours are available. 845-691-3773.

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