Essence MediSpa offers teeth whitening in Hilghland, NY and surrounding communities.

Teeth Whitening is the Most Common Cosmetic Procedure in the U.S. Essence MediSpa Welcomes Teeth Whitening Patients in Highland, NY and Surrounding Communities with the Most Cutting Edge Technology in the Hudson Valley.

To Schedule A Teeth Whitening Consultation at Essence MediSpa, please call 845.691.3773   Essence MediSpa Offers Both In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening Systems. Here Are Your Options:

LumaCool Whitening System by LumaLite (Light Emitting Diode) Technology Producing a Safe and Cool In-Office Power Whitening System

LumaCool Whitening System by LumaLite (Light Emitting Diode) Technology Producing a Safe and Cool In-Office Power Whitening System.

In-Office Treatment With The LumaCool Whitening System

The LumaCool Whitening System by LumaLite uses L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) technology producing a high-speed, safe and cool in-office power whitening experience for the patient that doesn’t leave patients with sensitive teeth or gums. In one short office visit the LumaCool whitens both arches simultaneously in three eight minute cycles. Teeth whitening with the LumaCool system at Essence MediSpa can whiten teeth up to eight shades in a single office visit, correcting serious discoloration issues. The advantage of having your teeth whitened in our office is that this approach is safe, fast, and effective. Typically, your teeth can be whitened two to eight shades with one office session, dramatically improving your appearance in the shortest possible time. Shade charts are used during the consultation stage of treatment to customize the perfect shade of white for your teeth. In-office whitening is unique in this respect, as we have more control over achieving your specific teeth whitening goals. The application of the whitening gel occurs in two 20 minute sessions over the course of the one hour visit. A special lamp is used to activate the whitening gel and speed up the whitening process. Once the gel is activated, it remains on the teeth for 20 minutes until the next application. While you are treated you can watch your own DVD or one of ours. Whitening has become popular to the point that many toothpastes and mouthwashes are now infused with whitening agents. Toothpaste whitening is an inexpensive but relatively ineffective whitening option.

Revolutionize your teeth with the Gemini LED Home Teeth Whitening System
Gemini provides 6-8 shade improvements in a single one hour treatment.

In-Home Option With Gemini System

Essence MediSpa also carries the Gemini home whitening system and other whitening products. Essence MediSpa is your once stop source for teeth whitening! The Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator is the next generation LED for maximum acceleration and  there is no resulting sensitivity. This system removes years of stains caused by coffee, red wine and smoking. Embedded magnets line light to tray for a perfect fit every time. Simply rechargeable via USB or outlet. It is clinically proven to kill germs. Refill kits available for continued maintenance!     Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic  procedures. Teeth whitening falls into the cosmetic procedures category because it is designed to enhance your appearance by reducing tooth discoloration and staining to elicit a brighter, whiter smile. Essence MediSpa offers the LumaCool and WhiteSpa teeth and tooth whitening  services to residents of Poughkeepsie, Kingston, New Paltz, Highland, Newburgh, Woodstock, Ulster County, and the surrounding Hudson Valley region.

A New Bright Smile Can Be Yours

You may feel that your teeth are too discolored to ever be white again, but amazing results can be achieved with the newest whitening techniques that are available exclusively at Essence MediSpa in Highland, NY. Tooth discoloration and staining is a relatively common problem. Teeth are porous and are therefore not stain resistant. Red wine, soda, coffee, and tea, among other food and drink, contribute to the discoloration of teeth over time. Smokers’ teeth can become permanently stained if the discoloration is not treated in a timely manner. If the tap water in your home has a high amount of sulfur, this too can cause your teeth to have a yellow colorization.

To Schedule A Teeth Whitening Consultation at Essence MediSpa, please call 845.691.3773


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