Botox, TMJ and Teeth Grinding

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Botox, TMJ and Teeth Grinding.

TMJ patients  manage their pain with Botox injections which are directed into the chewing  muscles to relax these muscles. In addition to its well-publicized cosmetic uses, Botox has been approved by the FDA for painful conditions but not TMJ. However it is often quite effective for TMJ and teeth grinders.  The FDA has not evaluated the safety or efficacy of this powerful neurotoxin for TMJ pain treatment. Adding to the uncertainty about whether to pursue treatment of TMJ pain with Botox , clinical trials published so far have been small and have produce inconsistent findings. Patients who suffer from TMJ and teeth grinding are often ready to try anything to relieve the symptoms, as other treatments can be poorly effective. People with teeth grinding also can have enlarged cheek muscles, altering the look of their faces, and Botox can reduce the size of their cheeks. If you are interested call Dr. Weinman at Essence MediSpa medical center today. Treatment for TMJ starts at $500.00 and is not covered by most health insurances, but flex spending and health savings accounts can be used. 845-691-3773.

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