Erase Freckles


Fade freckles with our M22’s Intense Pulsed Light, the most advance light based treatment system available in the Hudson Valley. THE M22 is a intense pulsed light that treats many skin issues, including freckles, enabling them to just fade away.

To eliminate freckles, the M22 uses intense pulsed light that goes underneath the skin, gently heating up and stimulating both collagen and elastin. (So it also removes wrinkles and any redness). The laser produces a gentle warmth to your skin. It also combines dramatic improvement with virtually no down time.

One session with M22 at EssenceMedispa in New Paltz has removed freckles for some patients in the Hudson Valley. But for other patients with specific skin tones, we recommend multiple treatments. Also, even if you develop freckles from sun exposure in the future, simply make an appointment with EssenceMedispa in New Paltz and we can make them fade away.


*Results may vary from individual to individual.

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