Stretch Marks and Acne Scars in Poughkeepsie

You don’t have to live with stretch marks if you don’t want to. If the expense or downtime associated with traditional stretch mark removal procedures like surgery has made you [...]

Vaginal Laxity, dryness, painful intercourse

Treating Vaginal Laxity, dryness, painful intercourse and leaky bladder with FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser vaginal rejuvenation laser Until recently, it has been difficult for most women [...]

Fem Touch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

Fem Touch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Though we make it look easy, being a woman is not always rainbows and sunshine. The female body will endure many changes in a lifetime; not all of them will [...]

Chemical Peels

What to Expect with a Chemical Peel A chemical peel is one of the easiest methods to transform the appearance and texture of your skin in Highland and Poughkeepsie. Your chemical peel will [...]

Moles and skin growths in Poughkeepsie

Moles and Skin Growths in Poughkeepsie   Moles are extremely common with most people having between 10- 40 moles on their body. Generally, people are either born with moles (congenital [...]

Chemical Peel Highland

Chemical Peel Highland and New Paltz   Did you know FirstCare Medical Center where you trust your primary care and urgent care needs also has a Medispa for your cosmetic dermatology needs? [...]

Skin Moles in Highland

Skin Moles in Highland   Moles–lots of people have them. Some people are troubled by the appearance of their moles, while others just embrace them, even calling them beauty marks. While you [...]

Stretch Mark Treatment with the ResurFx laser

Stretch Mark Treatment with The ResurFx laser You insist on wearing sleeves in the summer when you would rather be sleeveless. You may have preferred the bikini, but settled on the tank and boy [...]


Have you considered microdermabrasion but aren’t sure exactly what it is or if it is right for you? This blog post will hopefully answers some of your questions about microdermabrasion. Of [...]

Acne Scars Laser Resurfacing

Effective treatment uses a resurfacing laser for acne scars Resurfacing laser for acne scars If you have acne scars, you may want to consider laser skin resurfacing as a way to get rid of them. [...]